March 11, 2012

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Who else wants to crawl around this model, peering into windows and opening doors?

At 23 links, this week’s roundup is comparatively short, so feel free to sneak in a click-fest while your boss isn’t looking. She won’t mind. Really.

Links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook ‘verse:

Take one part Dance Central, one part Star Wars. Shake. Strain through a Kinect, and serve. (YouTube)

The Simpson’s nod to the Game of Thrones opening. Watch it quickly before it gets taken down! (YouTube)

They really did it! The Mario + Portal hybrid exists! (Stabyourself)

Hogwarts is going up for sale. Just so you know. (Mail Online)

Tiny goats in sweaters hopping about. You’re welcome! (YouTube)

Apparently burns from lightning strikes are incredibly beautiful. (The Daily What)

Wear a lab coat: Be perceived as more intelligent. It’s called “Enclothed Cognition” (Science Direct)

The Most Astounding Fact of the Universe according to Neil DeGrasse Tyson (YouTube)

You need more creative insults, Spider Brains! (YouTube)

Presenting: the GuiTARDIS. (Arthur Yet Lew via Facebook)

Guitars not your style? Check out the Doctor Whokelele! (Flickr)

WAKE UP! (YouTube)

Today’s space weather forecast: partly geomagnetic w/ chance of satnav & power grid interference (NASA)

Swarms of unusual things. They’re eerily beautiful. (Thomas Jackson Photography)

Cloaking field engaged. And yes, we’re posting this video just so we could say that phrase. (YouTube)

THIS IS MADE OF PAPER. Click through to see the insane detail! (Visual News)

Great photos of Steve Jobs’ former home. (Web Urbanist)

Today in Geek History: “The Father of Video Games,” Ralph Baer, is born in 1922. He invented the first home gaming console–you may know it as the Magnavox Odyssey released in 1972–and he’s absolutely charming in this video. (YouTube)

Orca. Watercraft. (YouTube)

Running speed of this DARPA-engineered robot: 18 MPH. Average sprinting speed of human: 12-15 MPH. You do the math. (YouTube)

Signal Boost! Stuff from our fans on Twitter and Facebook that you should look at:

Dethlehem needs your help funding their next tour! Geeky metal is so worth it. (Kickstarter)

If you’re local to Charlottesville, go have some fun and help some fellow Geeks get back on their feet. (Jefferson Theater)

Jesh is a video game that involves punching and a sardonic sense of humor. Watch the video. You wont regret it. (Kickstarter)

Hope that you didn’t get into trouble by indulging in all of that mind-melting entertainment. See you next week, Smart Masses.

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